Sunday, July 20, 2014

July Part 1 (Themes: Bugs & Vegetables)

Bugs in the sensory table!!

Bentley making a "shape spider"

 Our new friend, Oliver!

 Bentley loves to play "the cherry game"!

Boys being silly at snack time :)

Fun at the park!
                                                                    (Charlie pointing out all the trucks)            

 (Bentley is a pro at climbing now)

                                                                (Bentley driving his car)

We gathered sand to make our "anthill" project

 Playtime :)

Fun at the library!

We had snack and played at the big park

Vegetable Stamping

 Potato mashing!! And then we got to eat it for snack!

 We took a field trip to the grocery store to pick out vegetables for snack!

June (Part 2)

Charlie is taking care of "his Oliver"


Birthday Boy Charlie (and his friends) making "Birthday Cake" Playdough!

 Now it's time for a birthday treat!

 We made egg-carton caterpillars!

Audrey and Bentley making a Fireworks art project