Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our Easter Celebration!

Cute little bunnies & an Easter egg hunt!!

April (Part 1)

I guess this is how boys wear tutus!

 We decided to eat snack outside because it was finally so nice outside!! It was very sunny, as you can tell by their faces :)

 Smiley Margie :)


Staying warm and reading books together :)

We read One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish and made our own fish to go with the book.

We just couldn't resist putting this hat on Margie! She makes anything look cute!!

Bentley's a fairy, construction worker, cowboy!

 Making handprint monsters!

Bentley at the Art Easel

Charlie and Bentley having fun stacking shape blocks together!

Gabe, Bentley and Audrey were playing Veterinarian!

Margie enjoying a nice day at the park!

Gabe and Bentley ordering ice cream from Audrey..

Eating his ice cream cone!

Making napkin butterflies!

Audrey and Gabe eating breakfast

Audrey and Gabe playing doctor!

All ready for another fun day at the park!!

Audrey, Bentley and Gabe talking about their favorite things :)

Making LadyBugs!