Monday, March 23, 2015

February 2015

Friendship bingo was a big hit.. We couldn't get enough of it!


Margie having way too much fun feeding herself!

Valentine Color-Matching.. Don't know if they had more fun matching colors or eating them!!

 Making Valentine Hearts

 We made apple and marshmallow smiles for snack!

Bentley made a play-dough smile

 Margie is all about babies, purses, necklaces and smiles!

 Books and Play-Time!

 We made Binoculars!

January 2015

Fun with Tunnels and Tents!!

We had a fun pajama day!


 Making Starry Night Paintings

Making name trains

Puzzles and Books!

Sensory Table Play!

 Chef Bentley :)

 Play-dough Time!

 Driving in their "car"!